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Massage & Healing Arts


Healing Arts


Shanti Studio friends,

Shanti is open

for massages!

Thank you so much

for your loyal following.

Enjoy this lovely season,

and be well! 

We are excited to

see you soon.





body, mind, action

& the world

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Welcome to

Shanti Studio,

a cozy, inviting space

for massage therapy.


We are a small,


massage therapy


located just outside of

Fish Creek, 

in Door County,



We focus on massage

tailored to

each individual, 

 while providing

an atmosphere for

peace, relaxation,

& holistic well-being.


High-quality, focused,

intuitive bodywork

for the whole person.


Forget your cares,

& rejuvenate

body, mind, & spirit.

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therapeutic integrative massage

75 & 90 minutes

A combination of modalities, intuitively tailored to the individual's needs.  Can include various techniques, such as Swedish, connective tissue/myofascial, energy work, as well as deep tissue, and others.  

Excellent for addressing specific physical issues, promoting relaxation, physical and emotional balance, and overall well-being. Treat yourself right!

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60 minutes

Reiki is a kind of energy work, which works with the universal energy that we are all made of.  It consists of a series of holds, usually light-touch or no-touch, and assists in the flow of energy, removing blockages.  

Benefits are many and can include increased relaxation, balancing of emotions, clarity, physical healing, and overall sense of well-being.


Step into another world, a sanctuary of quiet and calm.  Decorated with eclectic touches from finds around the world, nature, as well as unique art and handmade pottery.

We are an independently-owned, boutique massage-therapy practice.

Felice Birmingham, owner and licensed massage therapist, is available for individualized, tailor-made bodywork sessions, with a focus on the whole person. 








Take care of your body.  

It is the only place

you have to live!

            - Jim John



The root of all health is

in the brain.  

The trunk of it is

in emotion. 

  The branches and leaves

are the body.  

The flower of health


          when all parts

work together.

                                                             - Kurdish folk wisdom





There is more


in your body than in

your deepest philosophies.

                                                                   ~Friedrich Nietzche


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Farmer's Market

& The Settlement Shops

Visit the weekly farmer's market, in the beautiful green space in front of Shanti Studio, at The Settlement Shops.  Enjoy a massage, and then nurture your body and self with a lovely array of fresh organic produce, eclectic and unique art and creations, and handmade goods.  

The farmers market is open Wednesdays during the spring through fall seasons, from 9:30-1:30pm.  

One may also explore the other unique, wondrous offerings of The Settlement Shops.  Savor famous, delicious pie from Sweetie Pie's, see beautiful handcrafted moccasins, peruse resale finds, fine art, and soak in sophisticated and fun home decor.  










A wonderful experience.  

I feel refreshed

and so much better, 

in my body, mind, and self!

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