Your own private haven.


Step into another world, a sanctuary of quiet & calm.


Decorated with eclectic touches from finds

around the world,nature,

as well as unique art

and handmade pottery.


We are an independently-owned, boutique

massage therapy practice.


Felice Birmingham, owner and licensed

massage therapist,

is available for

individualized,tailor-made bodywork sessions,

with a focus on the whole person. 



Nestled in a quiet corner of

The Settlement Shops,

on Highway 42. 

1 mile s. of downtown Fish Creek.


It feels far from the crowds,

yet is easy to reach.


Weekly farmer’s market Wednesdays,

from 9:30-1:30,

spring - fall seasons.


Open by appointment only. 

open by appointment

Click the link below to see available appointments, & quickly & easily book online. 

DSC_2894_SHANTI!!!! ENTRANCE CLOSEUP! !!! 1500 PIX copy 2.jpg
DSC_2979 far away exterior. 1200 pix copy.jpg
DSC_2930 SHANTI WALL ORNATE DOOR THING...!  1500 pix... copy.jpg
DSC_2832 pottery...1500 pix copy.jpg
DSC_2865 entrance chairs far out...1500 pix!!!.jpg
DSC_2891 PILLOWS! LIGHT. 1500 pix copy.jpg
DSC_2751 Massage RM rocks zoomed closer. 1500 pix copy.jpg
DSC_2861 winter geranium peering....1500P copy.jpg
DSC_2762 painting back...far. 1500 p copy.jpg
DSC_2724 LAMP LIGHT & STONE!!! 1500. copy.jpg
DSC_2772 VINES horizontal 1500 pixels copy.jpeg